experiments | eksperimen
exploration into techniques
and fusing different forms and ideas. artform journals commercial and personal explorations. print explorations into old and new methods of getting a message onto a substrate. imagery features exploration within an optical nature.
finding inspiration from a 50’s art movement, happenings, an off-shoot or successor to dadaism.

incidental art mainly explores the spontaneity or connection between what one might perceive as art and the environment it is involved in. one of my first encounters with this movement was a series of art pieces by one of my mentors, Teh Leong Kwee. his exploration into the natural process of oxidation enlightened me with ideas of art through controlled and incidental interaction. so far my explorations are mainly on paper and still very much in its infancy.

paint stenciling explores a technique which I had used for commercial work. mostly still undeveloped, I hope to create some interesting posters or art pieces from the remnants that I’ve saved.

the act of producing marks onto a medium through different techniques. I explore techniques which are at present accessible, simple and sometimes unorthodox.

stenciling is very much the same idea as the word suggests. I’ve been an avid collector of all things stenciled. this form of making marks will help me evolve my next step of screen printing. another technique which I am still studying.

plotting is in fact photocopying at a large scale, up to the size of double AO. it’s an avenue for me to create large pieces effectively and economically. some samples here use a range of mixed media. another exploration into screen printing.

photo-transfers is a technique of transferring the leftover chemicals of a polaroid onto a surface.

photograms are a great way to create subtle silhouettes from found objects. though I’ve not perfected the process yet, there are endless ways of how this can turn out.
time lapse photographic technique of taking a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. only recently had I started pursuing this area of photography. coupled with the telescope adapter, I would be able to test some motion together with time-lapse.

multiple exposures are a great artform technique, a sort of instant montage. mastering of light and shadow areas is important. I mainly explore this technique with film since this feature is not available on my canon DSLR. though I’ve found a way to produce it through photoshop.

disposables are experiments with instant film cameras. these include diffusion and vignetting, blurring the image, trying to make this picture-perfect camera imperfect.

box cameras are part of my antique camera collection. I’ve repaired and serviced all of them to working standards, modifying some to fit 120 or 135 formats since the films they use are mostly obselete now.
continuing my exploration into typography on grid paper. how the movement of each grid/pixel would affect the legibility and readibility of characters. very much in it’s infancy althought i would love to explore more into making fonts. typography is one of my key interest in design.
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right; acrylic on 12" vinyl records part of a commercial project. both symbolising the eternal cycle of life between day and night.


a sketch of a nightingale. (archives / design / nigthingale tales / bihzhu album cover) 2011


paint stencil | setensilan cat
developed a technique using cut out paper or sticker to create a stencil. for palate palette’s 3rd anniversary, with the theme of barefoot, celebrities were selected to leave their foot print on a wall. here are my experiments with positive and negative stencil effects. my own, karleng and brian's served as guinea pigs. (experiments/artform)
      right; plotting one of several paintings developed for an album cover. the photograph was taken along jalan bukit bintang, mounted on the front of my car. this artwork measuring at A0 size, was plotted and painted with mixed media, mainly ink, watercolour and acrylic on paper. finished off with a gloss acrylic medium to preserve. currently unmounted. (archives / design / traffic jam in the jungle / SIG album cover) 2011         studio 25 painting 2004


painting | lukisan
a small painting I did for a book cover. portrait of frankenstein, after the book by the author Mary Shelley. although the book did not describe his appearance in detail, I felt he was more human in nature than of the other characters describe in the novel. (experiments/artform)
above; incidental art developed a huge poster at double A0 size to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of palate palette restaurant. with the theme of barefoot, I placed the poster at the floor of where an artpiece was being painted and during the whole time being trampled on by party goers during the hype dance out on the floor. mixed media, digital print, acrylic and foot prints on paper mounted on kraft paper backing. 2009      


left; multiple exposures, box camera & polaroids developed a prototype and adapter using my kodak six-20 brownie junior to fit a polaroid backing. image here of the duo band madu, 2nd image from 2nd pack. the test was successful with great vibrant colours and exposures. several limitations but with a modified tripod this camera will be taking alot more instants pics, planning to modify the film spool to accept 135 and 120 formats. 2011
dadaism book cover made from wires and random nails. 2001