art | seni
naturally drawn to expressing in different forms, art has also been an extension of my evolution from experiences in design. Combining my work’s social-inclusivity aspect and inner-self exploration. While trying to balance the functionality in the form. Installation/ Optics/ Portraiture

urbanist | bandarwan
through the observations from the mapping project, the insight & knowledge gained have resulted in many proposals beyond cycling, towards the betterment of the social-urban environment. Presentions and eventual recommendations as an outcome. Consultation/ Speaker/ ISD 25

music | muzik
reviving my prior interest in music, specifically folk, origins of blues and even explorations into indigenous instruments and sounds. exploration/ blues/ indigenous

studio 25 / shop
Specially produced items and byproducts of the projects for public release. A special edition of the Cycling Map, and selected sign-making series are only available at selected retailers at present.
  post 2016– future projections & intentions; exploring into facets of expression through installation, sight & sound, establishing methodologies, and building of a habitat.

bicycle route map project

bicycle map project | peta
141022- a community-build, bicycle route-map project has just finished. an independent, this project has produced a map with routes that are recced and tested. it hopes to act as a guide and route planner, opening up KL to becoming a cycle-able city for everyone.

10,000 maps have been printed September 2014 and are being distributed in Kuala Lumpur City, the peninsular and around the region.
facebook/group/ cyclingkualalumpur
  kamra e faoree

KANTA | kamra e faoree
explores the building of a 'century old' instant camera. A camera obscura & darkroom. Kanta (which means 'lens' in Malay) is made from salvaged & waste materials. an insight into ourselves through the 'lens' by which we see others. a project with multi-layer objectives, a search into identity and the unbecoming of it.

This project was originally inspired by the Afghan Box Camera Project, with support from the Krishen Jit Astro Fund.

  village bicycle movement

village bicycle workshop
VBW is an attempt at sharing everything about being local and communal in support of cycling. Be it a necessity, a sport, leisure, or a start. With its main aim of bringing the bicycle to its truest form; transportation.

VBW advocates cycling through film screening events, research into heritage & documentation of the local bicycle craft & culture, Cycling Kuala Lumpur, Bicycle Map Project campaign, re-Build-a-Village-Bicycle and its latest initiative Donate-Build-a-Bicycle program.

facebook/village bicycles

It’s cycle for cycling’s sake

  studio 25's fund-raising

sign-making series
Since 2012 the studio has been collecting old common sundry products still found in little shops, as a study into a vernacular graphic language. The design on these items are abstracted to highlight the basic elements. Painted on salvaged wood, each sign is a play of how imagery, languages and symbols cumulate to local context, nostalgia, uniquely identifiable to us in this region.
  projects post 2014
social engaging, extensions of the practises, artistic expressions connecting the forms & functions of the applied principles to a tangible object.


design | desain
communication design is my core practise. although limiting in the way design is perceived as a mere graphic extention, I believe it can be so much more. functionality and form in perfect balance, curiousity being my greatest strength and weakness. design is at it’s best when it is invisible.

photography | fotografi
my exploration into photography runs parallel to my design approach, mainly directive with the question of why rather than aesthetics. It is documentative, trying to capture meaning through sight.

bicycle | basikal
bicycles are my latest obsession. sourcing bicycles from small towns and villages, based on designs unchanged forover a century. these bicycles represents so much more than the simplicity of good design.

junkie | pencandu
An effort at finding little nostalgias of everyday items, unique and mostly overlooked.

vowel | vokal
although not in anyway connected to the categories of work that I’ve produced. I find these letters representing each sound an interesting way in helping me bring order to the what I’ve experienced. vowels of my life’s concentrate. (read more)