18 february 2013
2nd newsletter
& updates

every saturday
(break on 16 Feb) the studio will be open every saturday 11am to 3pm for new-comers and for cycling volunteers to provide their feedback and findings. with plans of completing a rough draft by the end of March.

insurance package
for general coverage for volunteers for a small fee. been in contact with an insurance agency to draft out a general coverage plan. hopefully ready for proposal by the time the 1st working draft is out.

call for feedback

by the end of March. please prepare and submit your map for documentation and compilation. this is to make the first working draft of our studies, our findings will be published online and shared with all volunteers. for submitting your study map, please contact Jeff and arrange a meet up anytime of the week.


extension to the west
road tracking completed, naming of roads and detailing to follow. people of the west, Taman Tun, Damansara, SS2, Kiara, Kepong, Seksyens PJ, road connection to the city is expected to be completion on schedule by end of March, with print production by mid April.

project phases
there are 6 phases planned out for this project. currently we are at phase 2. below is the general list of the 6 phases. for a more detailed list, click here.

phase 1 Base map

phase 2 Volunteers

phase 3 Testing

phase 4 Details

phase 5 Finalising

phase 6 Print & distribution


project completion
future updates & feedback

map corrections
7 areas have been identified and highlighted below. if you find any other minute error, please let us know. to view the whole map please find the link here

Jalan Loke Yew flyover
Jalan Ikan Ayu

Jalan Loke Yew turning onto Jalan Chan Sow Lin

New Pantai Expressway flyover access roads to Jalan Pantai Baharu

Jalan Pantai Baharu flyover access road to Lengkok Pantai Baharu

Bulatan KTM inclusion and Jalan Hishamudin flyover Jalan Tugu tunnel

deadend road off Jalan Sultan

Kampung Baru new roads and removal of old roads

Bangkok Connection

Sira, coordinator of the Bangkok Bicycle Map Project will be visiting us with his team of cyclists. below an extract of his email.

“I just finish my job “Vote Bike less car,more space”. now in Bangkok, it is term for election new governor and it is a big chance for setting Bicycle agenda for this city.

we collect ideas from cyclists and bike users by let’s they post ideas on vinyl board at bicycle festival and then share all ideas in Facebook (Bangkok Bicycle Campaign- BBC) facebook/BangkokBicycle

yesterday (26.01.13), we have a small bicycle campaign for give our bicycle ideas to candidates. We hope our action will make some better change in our city.

by the way

about Bangkok BiKe Map
Bangkok Bike Map is made for ...
not show Bike lane but ...

first we define how many area that bike users very need bike route in Bangkok. (and how big we can hold)

Bangkok is big city, only us can not survey all area. so we choose only centre area of Bangkok that have terrible traffic problem.

then we divide the choosen area to 32 zones depend on space of map paper. and PR for find volunteers from everyday-bike-user. (about 50 persons)

so our volunteers can understand the aim of project quickly because they bike everyday and they already known what is the best route in their own village.

however, we spend 2 years to make the Bangkok Bike Map. it’s so long time because we start from zero knowledge about “map maker”. We have to learn so much about how to collect data in a easy way but correct enough for making real scale map.

it is hard work but when it’s done. I feel so good.

if you want more information please feel free to ask me. I glad to join you to make a bigger connection and network.

Happy cycling to you and your team and well done!,too


Bangkok cycling activism is so strong, there’s so much to learn and share. Thank you Sira for your support so far.

  bicycle route map | peta
a community-build, bicycle route-map project has just finished. an independent, this project has produced a map with routes that are recced and tested. it hopes to act as a guide and route planner, opening up KL to becoming a cycle-able city for everyone.

10,000 maps have been printed September 2014 and are being distributed in Kuala Lumpur City, the peninsular and around the region.

to get your hands on a printed map, go to the dedicated website cyclingkl.blogspot.com
join the facebook/group/

email cycling.kl [a] gmail.com instagram cyclingkualalumpur

project phases

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