march 2013
3rd newsletter
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map extension to the west
road tracking complete, naming to start. the map extension which will connect people of the west to the city. unfortunately not many good connections, only the Bukit Kiara connection which has a 14° elevation and Jalan Universiti / Universiti Malaya are the only alternatives. aim for completion end of March and print production in the middle of April.

  insurance package / coverage
our findings & solution. met with an insurance agency to discuss the feasibility of a general coverage for volunteers and cyclists in general, here are our findings.

on a national level in more developed and modern countries, there are National Cycling Bodies e.g. UCI, The League of American Bicyclists, British Cycling Organisation etc which have a general insurance coverage based on their memberships and on a National Level which is on the level of the compulsory car insurance and workers SOSCO programs. we have no body like so representing the interest of malaysian cyclists. and to organise something on a national level we would need a plan to pass through the governing body of our country, Bank Negara and etc. many years before we will ever achieve this. open for someone/something to spearhead.

as a registered society/club with the ROS. (Registrar or Societies, 3 to 6 months wait for approvals), insurance agencies have a group coverage program / package. as many of us belong to a cycling group etc, it would be a great initiative to start organising yourself and applying officially as a Cycling Club with the ROS, Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia. the first few steps towards getting a national body for cyclists is to start organising ourselves at this level. the Group / Club Coverage requires an Official Registration with ROS and minimum 5 members to sign up together. the ratio of coverage is usually at the rate of RM 2 : 1,000, and RM 200 per person per annum. there’s alot of details involved but this would be the best approach for a group.

as an individual, the premium is only slightly above that of the group. as this is the first time the insurance agency has ever had an enquiry about a cyclists coverage, there might be some details involved too. this would fall under Personal Accidents (PA) coverage, which is the best solution if you would like to get yourself covered. the premium will be RM 220 per annum and covers above RM100,000. I’m not sure of the other details, it’s rather complex.

please contact us if you would like more information, and if you would like to get covered, we will pass you on to the correct people who are now ready to take on cyclists.


meetup 11
as an the effort of bringing the project out to other places in KL. palate palette is gladly hosting the 11th meetup at their venue. also in preparation for the night's earth hour event.

open to all, cyclist & non cyclist. free & easy saturday, come when you can between 12.30pm to 2.30pm. briefing and handing out of maps (15 to 30 mins session) for new volunteers. feedback from volunteer cyclists.

terbuka kepada semua, samada penunggang basikal atau tidak, hari sabtu, studio dibuka dari pukul 12.30 tghari ke 2.30 petang. Penerangan dan penyerahan peta (masa 15 ke 30 min setiap sesi) kepada sukarelawan baru. perjumpaan kaji selidik sukarela.

palate palette restaurant
21 Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari

1st working draft
coming soon

this is a call out for your map studies. we are reaching a milestone in our project! soon we will be releasing the first draft to the bicycle routes for KL City. it will be a compilation of all the map studies of volunteers so far. although it will have to be edited (no highways or expressways), it will be quite crude and act as a guide only. we meet almost every saturday at a given place in KL, please contact us on other ways to pass us your studies.
  bicycle route map | peta
a community-build, bicycle route-map project has just finished. an independent, this project has produced a map with routes that are recced and tested. it hopes to act as a guide and route planner, opening up KL to becoming a cycle-able city for everyone.

10,000 maps have been printed September 2014 and are being distributed in Kuala Lumpur City, the peninsular and around the region.

to get your hands on a printed map, go to the dedicated website
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email cycling.kl [a] instagram cyclingkualalumpur

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