30 april 2013
4th newsletter
& updates

almost every saturday
April meetup 13. a move back to Bangsar Heights studio, will need this time to finalise the map extension for print and translating the 1st working draft to screen.

survey rides
we will be organising some survey rides in separate parts of the city to test out some routes and empty areas. in view of getting more pair of eyes to catch out the details on the same ride. please stay tune to the group page. estimated dates mid May.

hello DBKL, hello MPBJ
we will start making contacts with the city councils. recently was in touched by Astro who has passed us contacts to the DBKL office. thanks for the info!

hello rest of Malaysia
we will start writing to state and federal councils & governence, and related ministries. sharing with them our project and hopefully be a case study for future developments. vice versa.

working draft 1

great news, the 1st working draft for Cycling Kuala Lumpur is out! It is now viewable online, where you can view and fill in your map with the suggested routes. try it out and let us know what you think.

you will be able to view a hard copy at our weekly meetings, (which might be travelling to another part of KL soon, hint hint Ampang/ Melawati) stay tuned to our group page to find out more. view it online here

public drive/ booth
we were invited by the curator of Arts for Grab, Annexe Gallery to host a booth. we handed out countless phamplets & about 70+ base maps to more than 200 people. thanks to a few great volunteers who assisted and countless others who came to show their support. to the new people we’ve met, welcome to the project. we have a great team of people, you will all meet each other at the BIG BICYCLE PARTY when the map is printed and out!


insurance coverage
as a first time cycling commuter, riding on public roads can be quite a leap of faith. although, once you’ve gotten into the norm of getting around on the 2 wheeler, you find a great boost of confidence and self resilience. nevertheless, as a precaution to any ill-events, being covered under a Personal Accidents (PA) coverage might save you in a time of need.

through discussions with an insurance agency/ contact, they have prepared a sign-up plan which covers you where other life-insurance don’t. the premium is RM 220 per annum and covers above RM100K-300K. if you are part of a company committed to getting your employees on bicycles, there are packages for group sign-up/ coverage. There are some detailed materials here. please get in touch with us if you need a contact of an insurance agency.

spearheading an independent project that puts volunteers / people on the road to survey this map makes us worry alot about your personal safety. as much as we would love to insure everyone, being an independent project, we are limited by funds. so please be responsible for your own safety and ride safe everyone.

map updates & corrections
we’ve found many more updates for the map, roads that don’t exist anymore, areas that are off limits or no-way-through. but we’ve also found new paths and routes not featured on any maps anywhere. below are the corrections and updates. to view the correction map, please find the link here

i & ii.
flyover Jalan Duta Kiara over NKVE highway

iii, iv & v.
Titiwangsa access over to Jalan Semarak

vi & vii.
Kg Baru access roads

viii, ix & x.
Jalan Ampang access & Medan Pasar Plaza

Tong Shin’s access stairs

new flyover Sungai Kerayung & Star LRT tracks, connecting Shamelin & Maluri

map extension

we’ve also just completed the base map designs for the Map Extension to the west. with an additional of 25 square km, this map will be available through a download pdf file for self-print. (2 x A3 B&W printout at your local printing shop for about RM 2-3).

a small print run is planned for the entire 110 square km map. through the use of a hand-proof offset machine. being a print design initiative as well, we will be printing about 30+ pieces by this machine. which is an obsolete technique and a dying craft in print. for those who would like to witness this printing process / press check, please get in touch with us.

phase 3
we’ve just completed Phase 2 of the project. view the phases here. almost all of the objectives of the Map Building, Publicity & Advocacy and goals have been reached! we now have a group of core volunteers with impeccable riding skills and mileage, we’re now playing host to our Thai connections too who will be visiting in October (Penang, Kuala Lumpur/Selangor & Malacca) the 3 states that actually have some official bicycle lanes. and we’ve released the 1st working draft.

in Phase 3, we will start testing routes out, identifying key connectors, connecting with local city councils and releasing the map extension. at the same time survey areas of the maps which are unclear or have not been surveyed. this phase is in place to clean up our 1st working draft before we attempt to share our findings with the authorities. a 2nd working draft will be released at the end of Phase 3. projection completion date end May.

safety guides
we are welcoming any ideas of safe cycling, some little surveys will be done to get a general consensus on how you as a cyclist perceive safety on our roads. although planned for Phase 4, it’s always good to start the ball rolling early. please stay tuned.
  bicycle route map | peta
a community-build, bicycle route-map project has just finished. an independent, this project has produced a map with routes that are recced and tested. it hopes to act as a guide and route planner, opening up KL to becoming a cycle-able city for everyone.

10,000 maps have been printed September 2014 and are being distributed in Kuala Lumpur City, the peninsular and around the region.

to get your hands on a printed map, go to the dedicated website cyclingkl.blogspot.com
join the facebook/group/

email cycling.kl [a] gmail.com instagram cyclingkualalumpur

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