13 September 2013
6th newsletter
& updates

online reading
we have uploaded some reports & studies about cycling, mainly on cycling campaigns & transport networks. some great references, it might not be the best solution to apply those systems here. southeast asia works on a different traffic system, so looking at systems applied in our neighbouring countries might be a great insight to what cycling in our city might look like. view the library here

SURVEY South East (Cheras 14)

Shaharudin Jaffar
Had the great honour to meet one of our pioneer cycling greats, the one Shaharudin Jaffar, First gold Medalist for the SEAP games in Kuala Lumpur in 1965. An inspirational & cycling activist today, Shahas he is fondly known has set up many programs in KL today. Cycling Initiator Panel and Pedal Power Cycling Group are part of his initiative to create cycling awareness. We will be riding together soon at a meet up possibly end of September, riding the newly made Shah Alam cycling lanes.


SURVEY rides
we have just completed 6 SURVEY rides in 6 consecutive weeks. every saturday we covered a small part of KL. meeting up with the 'local' cycling volunteer, to checking out connectivity & crossings, covering up empty areas of the map.

South East (Cheras) 14
North (Titiwangsa Sentul) 15
North West (Kiara/ Segambut) 16
West (Penchala/ Sec 17) 17
South (Kerinchi/ Belfield) 18
South East (Chan Sow Lin/ Ampang Hilir) 19

we still have 4 major areas to survey and a few small pocket areas before we have covered and connected all 110km². then starts the details.

draft 2
the latest draft has all the latest findings from the surveys. some new updated features; namely * bicycle friendly crossings, highlighting bicycle shops for maintenance, repairs & sale, and a night route highlighter. view it online here, still a few errors found so far, please let us know if you find any.

working group–
digitising the map

Will be looking into creating working group to look into the best ways of transferring these routes online and creating a 'free' platform for future developments, at other areas too. Look out for the working group meeting in october. The working group will consist of gadget gurus to discuss the many platforms that now make up the online mapping. From what we've gathered so far, there are atleast 3 different types of base categories for online mappings. we are a bunch of amateur, on a volunteer basis, so any expertise are welcomed. Open to all who are interested. All those interested to be part of the process or know more, please write in to us mailbox@studio25.my


phase 4

we have just entered phase 4 of the project with the release of the 2nd working draft. the other criteria to fill was the production & distribution of the map extension. phase 3 was when the fun part of the project started, surveying. being in group survey, joining up with the local area cyclists,. share project with other state/city councils etc is proving to be not as easy, but getting in touch with other relevant projects and spokesperson is giving the project some great support.

in phase 4 we'll be going into the details, especially within the city centre, traffic flow & directions, looking closely into terrain & elevation. we have already started compilling content as basic guides for city cycling. view the phases here

rivers & streams

we're trying hard to include all the rivers & streams, finding out the names and checking the locations. cycling is a proactive form of being environmentally conscious, highlighting where our rivers & streams are, can help us understand more about about our city and how our actions affects this whole system. We have noticed many water features/ stream & drainage on our surveys, and they are not on any maps. here are a few we have found but there are many more too, nameless streams. please let us know if you know of any.
  bicycle route map | peta
a community-build, bicycle route-map project has just finished. an independent, this project has produced a map with routes that are recced and tested. it hopes to act as a guide and route planner, opening up KL to becoming a cycle-able city for everyone.

10,000 maps have been printed September 2014 and are being distributed in Kuala Lumpur City, the peninsular and around the region.

to get your hands on a printed map, go to the dedicated website cyclingkl.blogspot.com
join the facebook/group/

email cycling.kl [a] gmail.com instagram cyclingkualalumpur

project phases

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view MAP ONLINE <140919>

follow the project here,


UPDATED FEATURE— bicycle shops; here's a video demonstrating how to view suitable night routes with only the use of lights from your bicycle (provided you have a white & red omitting light source).

UPDATED FEATURE— bicycle shops;
marking the bicycle shops/mechanic & maintenance on the map, i'm not sure if i've got all of them, Volunteers, need some help here.

UPDATED FEATURE— bicycle friendly crossings;
  denotation of bicycle friendly overhead and street level crossings equipped with rams, some partially but hey! it atleast have some facilities for the cycle.

Perhaps once we've highlighted the most important crossings, immediate action can be done to upgrade these other crossings to bicycle friendlies!

UPDATED FEATURE— route categories;
the 5 main colours used to denote 5 different type of route category on the map

river & streams naming