summer break identity| identiti
a querilla project, which means a quick design, the summer break identity was devised overnight. summer break was a youth initiated project aimed at getting youth together during the holidays to the beach. the identity was derived from a setting sun concept although the circle has so many symbolism. using a reversed semi-circle as the reflection of the sun on the horizon. here I did a happy face version with the abbreviation of YouthAsia, the event organiser without looking too polished.

a storyboard to translate the idea of the setting sun and happy face

some of the initial sketches also had some directions into breaking up the word. but the idea of summer break set upon a reflected sun was the best option. sketches also included some ideas of how to differentiate or classify groups/teams as there were 12 buses which will ferry the youth to the island of pangkor. as a study I developed iconic animal motifs. although it wasn’t used due to budget constraints, the flagship bus was produced with replications of orange circle graphics.

animal motifs sketches developed

the logo and identity were applied to a leaflet and some postcards to market this event, and it was showcased at pwtc youth fair.

  may 2010
client youthasia
project summer break
scope event identity & applications