vowel | vokal
a speech sound that is produced by comparatively open configuration of the vocal tract, with vibration of the vocal cords but without audible friction and is a unit of the sound system of a language that forms the nucleus of a syllable. contrasted with consonant.

although not in anyway connected to the categories of work that I’ve produced. I find these letters representing each sound an interesting way in helping me bring order to the what I’ve experienced. vowels of my life’s concentrate. (read less)
one of my main objectives for this website is to keep track of all my explorations and experiences. people, places and jobs I’ve experienced which has lead me to where i am. it will also help me document and journal what I’ve experienced so far and maybe bring a clearer picture to where I’m heading.

understanding my cultural heritage has also been a driving force for some years. I’ve started many personal and pilot projects, exploration into my curiousities following that. people who have inspired and exposed my views to the chaotic, visual, cultural, political climate of this place I call home. in being here, I hope my existance will help bring much needed change and much understanding of what it is to be human.

studio 25 acts as an outlet, an extension of things I love to explore and develop. bringing, bridging creative analytical thinking, order and organisation. it is also a space to let myself loose, to free myself from the constraints of my mind. every aspect is unique and individually interesting. curiousity being my greatest strength and weakness with my main interest in typography and imagery. bringing me closer to understanding the balance in design and life.
  archives | arkib
consisting of my graphic design, photography works starting from my days in college, my professional career and as an independent. projects– personal, pilots and case studies. website design explorations, although nothing to shout about, but always an avenue into exploring this new media. querilla division is a design approach, like skirmishes. one-off quick designs.

experiments | eksperimen
my exploration into techniques
and fusing different forms and ideas. artform journals my exploration into some applications I’ve tried commercially and also on a personal level. print is something I will not stop exploring, methods that are unorthodox and sometimes just plain simple. imagery features exploration with the optical nature of photography.

instruments | instrumen
basically consist of the apparatus, my tools. the physical extentions to create. optical are mainly cameras, came across my life through their journey through time. who knows the history which these devices have seen. audible are the musical instruments which at one point in time were the livelihood for me.
  obtention | koleksi
one of my weird muses. collecting strange and inanimate objects reminding me of specific moments. mémoire are little things that have a unique story, each having connotations and act as signifiers to ideals in my life. collection of flora from our beautiful disappearing nature. junkie is an effort at finding little nostalgias of everyday items, unique and mostly overlooked. shunned as unfit for modern living. marketing these as a better representation of malaysia, and unfortunately also dying trades. bicycle is part of my junk store collection but I feel should exist as a category on it’s own. I have patiently researched and sourced these parts, modifying without changing their novelty.

upcycle | kitar semula
upcycle is a new term I’ve learned from a project called recycolution. it is a wonder at how much we waste to create just to use and dispose, even with recycling. in every aspect this methodology needs to change. consumeristics nature of the mindless caps. upcycle are items which I've created from dr. victor’s technique of reviving dead parts into new beings. so far just a handful of items I use in the studio.